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BallStars Systems - Financing Options

 All Photo Ball Heat Transfer Systems and supplies are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

We have 3 ways for you to finance your purchase:

  • See Preferred Leasing Partners at the right.
  • Full Payment Personal Check
  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer / Cashiers Check

Lease Advantages

Small Initial Cash Outlay - equipment leases generally do not require a down payment as is the case with most loans. The cash which is required at inception of an equipment lease is generally applied to periodic rental payments.Rent Expense - provided the lease is structured properly you may deduct the entire rental payment as a current operating expense for financial reporting and for income tax purposes.

Warranty Pass Through - although the lessor is the owner of the asset you have the full benefit of all manufacturer's and seller's warranties and guaranties.

Expanded Credit Availability - provided the lease is structured properly, the 'lease debt' will not be listed as a liability on your financial statements and consequently may allow you to preserve your borrowing availability with your bank and other creditors. This will also result in improved debt-to-equity and earnings-to-fixed assets ratios.

Simplified Credit Process - an equipment lease is generally easier to obtain than an equipment loan. It's not uncommon for leasing companies to provide up to $75,000 in financing with only an application. Most banks and commercial lenders require a complete financial package consisting of several years financial reports and tax returns on the business and the principals

Preserves Cash Flow - Leases lower your out of pocket expenses that can free up cash for other valuable uses.

Simple Application Process - Our single page credit application is easy to complete and is all we need to approve most equipment purchases within 24 hours.

Flexible Terms - Payment programs can be customized to fit your specific cash-flow needs.

Tax Benefits - Leases can help your business expense 100% of your monthly lease payment that can dramatically reduce your tax obligations.

Reduces Obsolescence - Leases provide for trade-ins & upgrades to your existing equipment that affords your company access to the latest technology.


Full Payment Advantages

Immediate Shipping - Photo Ball Heat Transfer Systems are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Immediate Ownership - no monthly payment or end of term paper work to finalize.

Credit Card Advantages

Immediate Shipping - Photo Ball Heat Transfer Systems are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Existing Credit
- utilize your existing lines of credit with no hassles!


Full Lease Financing

Leasing Options

Craig Colling
877-948-6200 ext. 101