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BallStars Support and Training

Training and Support"We won't succeed
unless you succeed."

With that in mind, we provide you several methods of accessing the support you need. They include phone support, support by email as well as all the useful information located on our blogs, newsletters and Licensee Only Support Site which is available 24/7.

Other methods of training available on request includes live, on-line PC to PC training with a trainer or by conference call.  And if your particular situation justifies it, we will even travel to your place of business or manufacturing facility to train all necessary staff.

Another benefit you'll receive from BallStars that you will not find with any other business opportunity is the personalized, one on one Training and Marketing Consultation services you’ll receive with your system purchase.  These services are personalized and tailored to fit your particular situation so you can start your business out on the right foot and to ensure you'll be productive and profitable as soon as possible.

Training and Consultation services are held at our facilities in New Century Kansas where you’ll have hands-on access to all of our equipment and software. 

Some of the topics covered are:

Hands on Photo Sports Ball Printing

  • Photo ball heat press setup, operation & maintenance
  • Proper ball preparation, inflation, storage and how to clean mistakes
  • Workflow setup and production approaches for onsite events, retail stores, home offices and centralized multi-location fulfillment centers.

Graphic Software Training for the Beginner

  • Different methods utilizing available on-line design wizard website
  • Overview of our full featured Corel graphics suite

Tailored Advertising & Marketing Strategies

  • Best practices for on-site events, retail store chains, and mall kiosks
  • Help you plan an advertising and marketing strategy to your first set of identified target markets.

Basic Sports Action Photography Tactics

  • Shooting Indoors vs. Outdoors
  • Optional Equipment
  • Resources for learning

Soon after the sale has been finalized we will get with you to schedule training and help you arrange your travel details.


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